My 1st Guardian byline!

Well, it’s happened! I’m really grateful that my first article for a national newspaper is about IT: Chapter Two. I’ve argued why it was right for the film to show the homophobic attack and murder of Adrian Mellon at the start, and why the update to Richie’s character is appropriate. This isn’t just because of […]

IT: Chapter Two Review

My Starburst Magazine Review My anticipation for this film has been difficult to quantify. Simply put, the story has got me through some of the hardest times in my life. It’s the thing I’ve always gone back to. Because the story is so personal to me, I’m really aware of how my subjective, personal opinions […]

Interview: Pennywise for American Express!

With enormous thanks to journalist James Luxford* , here’s a link to an interview on Stephen King adaptations I did with American Express. Carrie, Misery, IT: Chapter Two, you name it! We had a lot of fun doing this – enjoy! *What James doesn’t know about films really isn’t worth knowing. His conversation is so […]