Discussing representation on Sky News

I have been interviewed on Sky News, BBC World News and others and have provided audio visual commentary materials for distributors including Lionsgate, Arrow Films and Network Distributing.

What’s more, I tour public cabaret film studies lectures at events including the British Film Institute’s Stephen King Summit, The London Horror Festival, Birmingham’s Shock and Gore Festival and the Nine Worlds GeekFest.

Broadcasting CV

Guest, “Stephen King’s IT”. The Evolution of Horror Podcast. Forthcoming 2019. Hosted by Mike Muncer.

Guest, “The Films of Kenneth Anger and Representations of Occultism”. The Evolution of Horror Podcast. Forthcoming 2019. Hosted by Mike Muncer.

On the panel at The Bechdel Test Fest at Hackney Picturehouse, London

Guest, “Zombie Flesh Eaters and Video Nasties”. The Evolution of Horror Podcast. 2019. Hosted by Mike Muncer.

Contributor, Sky News. 2018.

Commentary. Moviedrome (various films). 2016. Produced by Simon Kennedy.

Commentary. Demon. 2015. Directed by Mark Duffield. Demon House Productions.

Contributor. BBC News. 2014.

Contributor. Video Nasties: Draconian Days. 2014. Directed by Jake West. Nucleus Films.

On the panel for Reinventing the Final Girl at Somerset House, London

Contributor. “Star Wars and the implications of the film business on story”. Radio Russia. 2012.

Audio commentary. In: Neighbor. 2010. Directed by Robert Angelo Masciantonio. Lionsgate & Highfliers Films.

Oughton K. Special Guest. Haunted 911 Radio Show.

I have also performed in features including Egomaniac (Kate Shenton, 2016), Grindsploitation (Andy Edwards, 2017) and Bad Moon Rising (Alasdair Mackay, post-production). 

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