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My specialism is representations of identity and taboo in media, from feminism in horror films to true crime journalism. Current and previous projects include:


Stephen King’s IT: Culture and the Clown (Provisional title, forthcoming from McFarland, 2019)

Mixing journalistic jouie de vivre with academic rigor, my book examines the cultural importance of Stephen King’s famous tale of a killer clown and the seven friends who defend their town. King’s book, the TV miniseries, the audiobooks, the films and IT’s fandom are all discussed and are intertwined with exclusive interviews with the stars and a world-first eye tracking experiment proving just how effective Uncle Stevie’s work really is.

Silent Women: Pioneers of Cinema (Supernova Books, 2017)

Chapter title: ‘When the woman shoots: ladies behind the silent film camera’.

This best-seller features my work on women pioneers of horror cinema including Alice Guy-Blache’s The Pit and the Pendulum and relates them back to the challenges faced by today’s horror film makers.

Counterculture UK – a celebration (Supernova Books, 2015)

Chapter title: ‘Subversive Cinema: Cult Film and the rise of Film Fan Communities’.
This essay examines cult film fandom through the example of leading genre festival, Frightfest and features interviews with FrighFest director (and PR supremo) Greg Day, actress Emily Booth and film directors, The Soska Sisters.

Celluloid Ceiling: Women Film Directors Breaking Through (Supernova Books, 2014)

Chapter title: ‘The Home, the Body and Otherness: Canadian Representations of Identity and Feminism in Mary Herron’s American Psycho, Sarah Polley’s Away from Her and the Soska Sisters’ American Mary.

My essay in this collection looks at representations of Canadian feminisms in what I argue are three very different horror films. The essay features an interview with the Soska Sisters (directors of the Rabid remake)

Robert Downey Jr., From Brat to Icon (McFarland, 2014)

Chapter title: ‘Downey Junior: Gender and Violence’
This piece examines Downey Junior’s performance in Neil Jordan’s horror film, In Dreams, in the light of queer theory.

Liner notes and commentaries

I have written for publications ranging from SciFiNow and Sight and Sound Magazine to Real Crime on subjects ranging from horror film reviews to profiles of serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer and children’s television. A selection of my work is as follows:

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