Interview with Bloodyflicks!

What scenes should have been in IT: Chapter 2? I talked about this, the standouts from the IT miniseries, the differences between the IT: Chapter 2 draft scripts and more in an interview with Bloodyflicks.

I’ll be honest: I had kittens as the first question was about how I came to IT and it was, well, weird. I’d been given the book by a tent mate at a summer camp who terrified me because she was so cool. I read the novel initially against a background of young love that didn’t quite happen (partly because of the threat I could sense from the potential beau’s stories) and running through woods pretending to be other people. I ended up keeping all that in rather than just saying I liked horror because it acknowledges that real life is strange at the best of times – part of what makes King’s childhood books so real is that when you take the monsters away, you’re often left with the surrealism of everyday life. The key is learning to create your own story out of that.

Anyway, adieu!

*Adendum on the Danny I talked about in the interview. He was a lovely chap and we skulked off repeatedly. Wrote to each other for a few years afterwards – I still have a photo of him somewhere. I hope he’s well.

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Lecturer in Media, author, film journalist and storyteller. Has written a book on Stephen King's IT.

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