FrightFest Round up (Very belated!)

On the From Page to Scream FrightFest panel for Den of Geek!

I had the double bonus at this year’s FrightFest of covering for Starburst again and participating on Den of Geek’s From Page to Scream panel.

The panel was a riot and I was mainly talking about my research on the translations of Stephen King’s IT from the original book to the miniseries, audiobooks, films and beyond. We’re now seeing Pennywise being translated from Tim Curry’s ‘creepy uncle’ figure to a collectable market clown fitting for Funkopops etc, so I’m using my thoughts since then to work on some wearable Pennywise cosplay for Halloween season. Really grateful to Rosie Fletcher from Den of Geek for inviting me to participate.

Of course, I was also there to cover film reviews for Starburst. My favourite (as I suspected) was Daniel Isn’t Real. Combine a great production values with a story about the line between faith and mental health and you’re pretty much going to have me hooked. Honourable mention goes to Critters Attack for being beautifully daft fun!

Links as follows:

The World of IT (book by Alyse Wax on Andy Muschietti’s film adaptations of Stephen King’s novel)

Come To Daddy (Elijah Wood thought Frodo Baggins had problems…)

Creepy serial killer thriller, Cut Off

Family-acted ghost drama, The Deeper You Dig

Porno, not what you think, but a beautifully judged examination of tensions about sex. And demons.

Lynchian High School Musical, Knives and Skin.

Righto, off to do another interview about my book on IT!

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Lecturer in Media, author, film journalist and storyteller. Has written a book on Stephen King's IT.

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