The Evolution of Pennywise! Podcast Interview

This is one for hardcore Stephen King fans! I was delighted to be invited on to The Evolution of Horror podcast by the marvelous host, Mike Muncer, to do a deep dive on the story of Stephen King’s IT. There’s actually two different episodes on this.

This one is a no-spoiler review of IT: Chapter Two together with a subsequent spoiler deep-dive (where we see how it ties to King’s book) and then an interview with the director and producer, Andy and Barbara Muschietti.

This second one is a complete deep-dive on IT. We go over King’s original book, the miniseries, the audiobooks, IT: The Losers’ Club (the first of the recent films) and we previewed IT: Chapter Two. From my perspective, it is basically a sneak peak at some of the research from my book and I was so excited to be able to share it I accidentally screamed in Mike’s ear at one point. I’d be actively researching/playing with ideas for my book for 15 years, had written it through a very intensive two years (including running a world-first experiment that proved just how effective IT is) and pretty much popped. This one is Patreon-only, so if you want to listen, you’ll need to support the pod. It’s worth it – there’s not many podcasts that boast regular contributors who have edited Total Film, Den of Geek and have run The British Film Institute!

Published by drcharlieallbright

Lecturer in Media, author, film journalist and storyteller. Has written a book on Stephen King's IT.

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