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Lecturer, writer, broadcaster

Dr Charlie Allbright is a broadcaster, author, lecturer and journalist in cultural and contextual studies. With 12 years’ experience in undergraduate and postgraduate lecturing at institutions including University of the Arts London and The University of Southern California, he specializes in representations of identity, taboo (particularly real crime) and film studies. He also tours film and cultural studies performance lectures, appearing at events including London Horror Festival.

Charlie’s book on Stephen King’s IT is forthcoming from McFarland in 2019. He has contributed papers on gender and film to books including the best-selling Silent Women: Pioneers of Cinema (2017) and has written for outlets including The Guardian, SciFiNow, Starburst, Sight and Sound and Real Crime, has presented DVD commentaries and liner notes for distributors including Arrow, and has judged international film festivals.

Charlie a serious ‘thing’ for How to Train Your Dragon and trains squirrels in his spare time.

Meet Miss Abigail. She is partial to walnuts, avocado and acrobatics.

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